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Not So Fast Pomegranate Juice

The FTC is in a kerfuffle with the manufacturer of Pom Wonderful, a pomegranate juice that claims several health benefits, like reducing the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and impotence — claims that the FTC thinks should be preapproved by the FDA.  The FTC recently has enunciated a stricter policy against deceptive advertising by food and dietary supplements.  Of course, Pom is challenging the action on First Amendment grounds.  This is a good example of how FTC and FDA jurisdiction intersect (somewhat) for consumer advertising (the FTC’s bailiwick) that makes health claims (the FDA’s bailiwick). [Thanks to Amanda Morin for the link]


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For the second class on dietary supplements on Tuesday, September 21st, please read the following documents about FDA’s objections to Del-Immune’s labeling.  Read the web site that gave rise to FDA’s warnings, then FDA’s Warning Letter, then Del-Immune’s response to FDA.  This is a great example of the materials we’ll be discussing, as well as how FDA communicates its objections and how companies respond.

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