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Welcome to the Food & Drug Law course at SMU Law School.  I’ll use this page to post news articles relating to the material we discuss in class, to show you ongoing examples of what we’re studying.  We can also use this space to continue our class discussions without using class time.

As noted in the Registrar’s announcement, please read pp. 3-27 of the coursebook for class Tuesday.

There is also a course reader available at AlphaGraphics (next to the SMU Bookstore) for around $20.  For Thursday, please read the readings designated for Class 2 (under Tab 2).  If you can’t buy the reader by Thursday, here are some links:

*      Advisers Say FDA’s Flaws Put Lives at Risk (N.Y. Times, 2007)

*      Skim:  FDA Science and Mission at Risk (FDA Science Board, 2007)

*      FDA Told U.S. Drug System Is Broken (Washington Post, 2006)

*      FDA Scientists Allege Mismanagement at Agency (CNN, 2009)


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